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Used bike sales in Redruth

Here at R.C.M Trials, we sell a range of new and used trials  bikes & on occasion enduro bikes. Contact our team today for further enquiries. For your peace of mind, we are a fully licensed company and have several decades of experience. We also offer a 3 months part warranty on our used bikes. So, you can rest assured of a quality service when you choose us. 

Wide range of high-quality motorcycles

From Gas Gas, Beta, Sherco, Scorpa, TRS to electric Osets, our range of trials petrol and electric bikes includes a variety of popular, high-quality motorcycles. Get in touch with our team to find out more information or to discuss your specific requirements. In addition to selling new and used bikes, we can also purchase old bikes from you or provide part exchange services as well as carry out a complete diagnostics and repair service.

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Not all of our items are listed on our eBay shop, however, please take a look at the wide selection of products/motorcycles that we do sell on eBay. Click here for our eBay shop. For further details, give us a call today.

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